Automatic Watch Winder — How Automatic It Is actually?

p17502081Plenty of watch collectors these days have always inquire: exactly what is classified as the real ” Automatic View winder”? It is regrettable to see so numerous watch winders manufacturers or even sellers which have widely misuse and mis-use the phrase “Automatic Watch Winders”.

Because the term implies, “automatic” shall mean automatic, along with little human intervention required. Anytime a watch winder system is not controlled through an IC micro-processor signal, and users to by hand adjust the winding functionality each time they use the actual winder, then it is actually NOT an automatic view winder.


Even in case a winder is outfitted and controlled by the micro-processor circuit, it ought to be capable to perform the subsequent minimum set of features before it may be classified because an Automatic Watch Winder:

Automatically provide the business standard “Turn-and-Rest” function with no types of external termes conseill├ęs or control;
Automatically manage the rotation timing period and duration; again, without having any kinds of external termes conseill├ęs or plug-in control;
Instantly turn OFF this timepiece winder unit once the total winding program has finished;
Automatically turn ON the actual watch winder unit within a pre-determined duration. Therefore that your watch may be fully wound upward all the time, without having any human intervention required. That is, the consumer does not have to worry whenever to turn ON/OFF the actual winder unit. It ought to all be controlled through the internal IC signal automatically.
The above mentioned automatic features are not just “convenient” features, but are additionally required so as in order to enhance the useful mechanised life of your good timepiece.

It is important for watch collectors as well as owners to investigate completely before finalize your decision within purchasing a watch winder

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